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Available plots

In our Industrial Areas


Plots available from 5000sqm.
Surface area available 165.220sqm

Montereale Valcellina:

Plots available from 5000sqm.
Surface area available 26.684sqm


Plots available from 3000sqm.
Surface area available 34.000sqm

Pinedo (Claut/Cimolais):

No plots available

Erto e Casso:

1 plot available of 1500sqm


For more info please contact:

Rigutto geom. Rino
Tel: 0427.71500

  • The mountain district

    Invaluable heritage

    The mountain district around the Province of Pordenone is one of the more characteristic areas of the Region Friuli Venezia Giulia, a world of history, nature, traditions, culture, economy and meeting.

  • Our Services

    Make your life easier

    From "Optical Fibre" to "Child Day Care Center", continue with "Canteen" and "E-Lerning". A set of integrated services designed to make life easier for the companies and all their employees.

  • Environment and quality

    A winning combination

    The NIP Consortium has decided to provide its services in respect of safeguarding and protecting the environment in order to promote , also involving the Company Directory, the habitat and ...