Il Nip informa:

  • 19/12/2011
    1) The analysis of the soil

    The Nip did run by two certified laboratories, the analysis of the soil near the chicken coop of lady Scandella. This analysis did not detect the presence of hazardous substances i [..]

  • 24/11/2011
    2) Works on River Colvera

    Today, November 24th , 2011 will be completed the works of removal and restoration of the downstream area of the exhaust wastewater treatment plant of Campagna.

  • 22/11/2011
    3) UNI EN ISO 14001:2004

    It was successfully completed the annual ispection visit...




The Consortium aims to promote local economic development, fostering the creation of new industrial initiatives and the necessary conditions for the creation and development of productive activities and services.

We are currently completing the infrastructures of the Industrial zone of Maniago and  we will begin shortly the extension work for the industrial zone  of Montereale. With these interventions will be considered exhausted the growing of these areas in order to pay more attention to their qualitative growth.
The new investments will then be reserved for environmental mitigation through a policy of green, the quality  of air and water, of the traffic safety in addition to the connection to the fiber-optic national network, data center, education, and the Child Day Care Center.

According to the International economic situation, the Consortium will work with the Regional Administration for  the project "Territorial Marketing"  in order to attract businesses with an investment value / high employment so as to give preference to companies at high technology.

The Consortium has also provided the bylaws  to do not receive additional settlements in the category of unhealthy industries of 1st  class.